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A jigsaw puzzle spanning 420,000 years.

Below are the puzzle pieces. This journey and the puzzle both started with the discovery of the sunspot. A humble beginning to a grand mystery that we didn't yet know existed. Each graph, chart, and historical event below is a tiny piece of the grand puzzle. For the first time in history, the sum of human knowledge is at our fingertips. Everything we are, were, or will ever be is now available to access and study. Everything operates on a cycle. With the right perspective, patterns begin to emerge. Patterns lead to predictions. Predictions  become reality. Welcome to the Eddy Minimum. 

We're living in the age of "Moor's Law of discovery and knowledge."

References, Links, and Sources

All references for the "Beginner's Guide" presentation can be found below.


  • Jack Eddy : Click HERE to sign the petition to name the coming Super Grand Solar Minimum after Dr. Jack Eddy. 

  • John Casey : Click HERE to purchase Mr. Casey's book, 'Dark Winter'. Author of Relational Cycle (RC) Theory that shifted our perspective and allowed us to see the patterns in the sun's cycles. 

  • Valentina Zharkova PhD : Watch professor Zharkova conduct the lecture in which she warns of a new cold epoch fast approaching. The weight of her lecture will not 'stick' without historical references. 

  • Henrik Svensmark PhD : Author of, "The Cloud Mystery." Linking cosmic rays with cloud formation. Cosmic Rays are key players in our planet's climate. 

  • Willie Soon PhD : Dr. Soon's lecture about the 'Blue Sun' advanced our knowledge about cloud nucleation and the diffusion of the sun's energy. Ironically, Dr. Soon is labeled as a "Climate Change Denier" on Wikipedia - a short sighted insult to a brilliant man.  

  •  Jasper Kirkby PhD : Dr. Kirkby is an experimental particle physicists with CERN. He confirmed Henrick Svensmark's theory connecting cloud nucleation and cosmic rays. "Clouds are not the result of the climate, rather, the climate is the result of the clouds."  Profound. Read the paper HERE

  • Rolf Witzsche : A brilliant scientist with theories as complex to comprehend as his accent. He sees the big picture and has been trying to warn us for years. Watch one of his lectures HERE.   

  • Piers Corbyn: A long range weather forecaster who essentially put every single thing he knows into 1 website...on 1 page. His website, WeatherAction will satisfy all your ADD needs. WeatherAction is not a "I'll have a glance" type of website. Schedule some time on your calendar and make a pot of coffee. The man knows weather and he can see the big picture. 

  • Randall Carlson : His research in geology and the history and the cataclysms will help you see further into the future by looking deeper into the past. His research on the Galactic Cross and Sacred Geometry will turn your hair white. 

  • Graham Hancock : His focused area of study involves ancient megalithic structures and ancient human civilizations. We may not be the most advanced species (or cycle) of humans to live on this planet. Learn more. Spoiler alert: aliens may not always be the answer to the questions we don't understand. 

  • Khabibullo Abdussamatov PhD : Russian astrophysicists who understands the sun's importance. In 2012, he predicted that a new Ice Age will begin in 2014. Note: in Feb 2014 Solar Cycle 24 produced a double peak where the 2nd peak was larger the first. That was the signal that marked the beginning on the coming new cold epoch. Watch his lecture HERE.  

  • David Talbott - Thunderbolts Project : Once you understand the universe is made of electricity, then everything in it makes sense. Learn about The Thunderbolts Project HERE

  • David "Diamond" Mauriello : I thought the summit of understanding within reach. Then I found The Oppenheimer Ranch Project and I realized how much I still needed to understand about our planet. Diamond is as brilliant as he is eccentric. The man has a passion for advancing human awareness about all things natural, spiritual, and sometimes unbelievable. He brings a touch of levity to an ominous situation handed to us. Follow him on YouTube for a daily broadcast where he showcases his paleoclimatology and geology expertise. He also runs the FB page Solar Shutdown.  

  • Roy Spencer PhD : Dr. Spencer provides the UAH Satellite-Based Temperature of the Lower Atmosphere. Click HERE to learn the facts about the current weather. 

  • David DuByne : ADAPT2030 on YouTube. He also runs the Mini Ice Age Conversations MIAC podcast. He discovered changes in food quality over time while working in the international commodities industry. He began to do his own research and discovered clear signs of the coming GSM through studying the food industry. He was the first educator I discovered who was reporting on the GSM. I set out to debunk his work but, instead, confirmed everything he's been warning us about. 

  • Christian Westbrook : He goes by the handle, "Ice Age Farmer". Christian runs a website under the same name that is jammed full of current events showing the 'signs and symptoms'. If you know what to look for, the signs are everywhere. 

  • Ben Davidson : He operates an online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics, and weather. Suspicious 0bservers, SpaceWeatherNews, QuakeWatch, and on YouTube. Not busy for a year? Then, spend some time studying Mr. Davidson's work. 

  • David Birch "The Star Man" : Mr. Birch is an independent solar researcher and a wealth of information. He confirmed Professor Zharkova's prediction about the drop of in TSI using math. Math never lies. Find him on Twitter. Among other lectures, he produced a series about the Sun's Heliospheric Current Sheet that reads like poetry. Read his paper on Dr. Zharkova's wave amplitude HERE

  • Dutchsinse : Spend a few months watching Dutch's daily broadcasts on YouTube and you will understand how pressure transfers around the planet through Earth's tectonic plates. You'll see how our planet reverberates like throwing a stone in a still pond while pressure moves around the planet. 

  • Steve Goddard / Tony Heller : It turns out that I'm not the only person who didn't want to use his true name to educate people about the climate. Click HERE to follow Toto down the rabbit hole and see how deep it truly is.

  • Gene Beard. Mavrick Star. Pole Shift News : An independent researcher with magnetometers calibrated to detect minor fluctuations in our magnetosphere and our migrating magnetic poles. Find his YouTube channel here. 



Carrington Event (pdf)


CMIP6 Solar Forcing Dubrovnik (pdf)


Dr. Valentina Zharkova SC6 2015 (pdf)


Herinrich Event (pdf)


Global Temperature Report December 2018 (pdf)


EMP, CME, and GSM (pdf)


Maunder minimum (pdf)