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Who I am and how I developed the right perspective is irrelevant. My background and education are also irrelevant. The star of the show is, in fact, our star. We are simply the code breakers along for the ride. We live in an age where the sum of human knowledge is at our fingertips. I'm merely standing on the shoulders of geniuses with the right perspective at the right time.

But if you must know... 

I graduated college in the year 2000 then enlisted in the Army. I was in the first Ranger tan beret graduating class. I then spent 4 years serving my country with 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. I arrived at 2nd Ranger Battalion 1 month before 9/11. We were among the first boots on the ground in Iraq. Then, I deployed to Afghanistan 4 more times. It was a different time to be an American and an exciting time to be an Army Ranger. 

After being honorably discharged, I worked in executive protection as a member of a Protective Security Detail (PSD) team. I managed a team of protection agents while providing close-body coverage for some of the most influential and wealthy people in the world. 

I felt the call to go back overseas and spent the next 6 years serving my country as an independent security contractor. I provided high-threat protection to members of the United States intelligence community in Afghanistan. I was responsible for managing base wide access control for multiple U.S. installations. I led and managed teams of American and  local national forces up to a regimental sized element while engaging in direct contact with enemy forces. In total, I deployed 28 times to the Middle East and gave my 30's to Afghanistan.

I was injured in 2015 and unable to re-deploy. I launched a small security business that consumed my time. My high standards in employee selection and our rapid growth caused me to work over nights in a roving vehicle billet for 2 of the 3 years I owned the business. While working overnights in isolation, I used that time to study anything and everything that I've ever wanted to learn more about. I studied heavy science topics and listened to lectures covering subjects like gravity, time dilation, String Theory, history of cataclysms, Theory of Relativity, artificial intelligence, plasma physics, Electric Universe Theory, etc.

The time spent understanding the universe prepared my mind to comprehend how truly insignificant we are in relation to our planet.

In Sept 2017 an event took place called the "Revelation 12 Sign" that piqued my interest. This event consisted of a particular alignment of planets and stars over a precise amount of time. Using star chart modeling, this alignment has never happened in the past and will never happen again. What piqued my interest more intensely was that this alignment was predicted in the Bible. As a (former) atheist and new science junkie, I wanted to learn more because my personal religious beliefs were now colliding with scientific facts. 

While talking to my wife's friend about the Revelation 12 sign, she introduced me to David  DuByne's YouTube channel called "ADAPT2030" and his Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast. I listened with an open mind and soon heard many of the same science facts, theories, and known cataclysmic events that I recently studied. He was speaking my language. The magnitude of his message and dire consequences if true, were difficult ideas to digest. I thought, "There's no way this could be true." So, I did my own research. I dove in and attempted to make myself a subject matter expert on 'climate change' in an effort debunk my 'worst fear' scenario.  

I was unable to find a comprehensive "Beginner's guide" or "Basic 101" presentation anywhere in the global cooling community of researchers. I quickly realized the complexity of the message broadcasted by the industry's leaders. For 3 years I saved every chart, graph, key lecture / video that explained the process of a Grand Solar Minimum with the intent to create a beginners guide and help my loved ones finally see the monster on the horizon. 

 The presentation found on this website is my attempt to simplify a massively complex subject so the most important people in my life are finally able to understand what I've been talking about for 3 years. I hope this presentation allows you the same opportunity to explain a difficult-to-understand topic to your loved ones. 

In January 2019 I began speaking publicly about the coming Super Grand Solar Minimum. If you'd like to lean more about hosting a lecture, please send me a message below - it would be an honor. Thank you. 

Super Grand Solar Minimum.


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This presentation represents thousands of hours of research in an attempt to debunk my 'worst fear' scenario. Every action I've taken since realization of the coming Grand Solar Minimum must satisfy two timelines: One timeline where I grow old and eventually retire. And the other future is a cold, bleak, miserable future. It's my goal to help as many people as possible understand what's happening while simultaneously paying my bills and keeping the lights on. 

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