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Super Grand Solar Minimum Overview

The sun is the driver of our climate. Everything in the universe, including our star, operates on a cycle. These solar cycles are noted by periods of increased and decreased energy output. Highly predictable patterns have emerged through studying the sun's constant oscillation cycles.

Periods of increased/decreased solar output have been discovered throughout history by studying sunspot data, geology, tree ring data, volcanoes, and ice core samples. There is an ominous correlation between plagues, droughts, famine, civil unrest, war, cold weather deaths, crop failures, and the collapse of every civilization known to exist when the sun enters a period of 'deep hibernation' or Grand Minimum. A minor change in the sun's output causes major changes in our fragile species. 

In Oct 2018, Professor Valentina Zharkova PhD. presented a lecture indicating that our star is, in fact, beginning a descent into a Grand Solar Minimum cycle. The sun's 4 magnetic fields are swinging out of phase and the solar output is currently diminishing at a rate that's unprecedented. No one on the planet has ever experienced what we're about to experience. We may be on the brink of the collapse of our civilization because the sun is the driver of our climate. 

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"One cannot understand calculus before he understands addition and subtraction". The task of explaining the Super Grand Solar Minimum is nearly as challenging as comprehending the subject matter itself. 

The presentation represents over 3 years of intense research in an attempt to connect-the-dots and finally allow my loved ones to see the monster on the horizon. 

The order of information presented is essential for a thorough understanding by the listener. Some basic science as well as some recent scientific breakthroughs must be understood before comprehension is achieved. 

Through trial and error, I've found that it's easiest to help your loved ones understand the Super GSM if you print this presentation and review each page one by one. The order of information being presented is important. 


Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Sun Version 4.7


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In this presentation I will explain the history of sunspots, the discovery of the sun's cycles, historical events in relation to the sun's activity, current weather data, the process of a GSM, and projections where we're headed during the Eddy Minimum. 


 "I want to thank you for your hard work in producing this valuable resource. Words cannot describe my appreciation for your efforts. I never believed the global warming lie and some years ago I heard that we could be going into an ice age. 

The information that is out there has been so scattered and I have been looking for ways to simplify the understanding for myself as well as for those I love, and all others who will listen. I am going to use your presentation to help wake up my friends and family and hopefully develop a network of like minds.

 We must work towards a perspective change for the masses that will avoid the inevitable violence that comes out of panic. It truly is like swimming upstream, but that won't be so difficult when we have more fish swimming along side us. Thank you again for your ability to make it "simple stupid", it is ground breaking."  - Asa Anon


Vinny Roc Podcast interview

16 Feb 2019. Listen to Vincent "Rocco" Vargas interview me about the coming Super Grand Solar Minimum. 

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