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In February 2014 the sun gave us a signal that its 4 magnetic fields were beginning to separate and swing out of phase. The 'signal' was displayed as a simple double peak in Solar Cycle 24. It marked the beginning of the Super GSM. Double peaks are not unusual unless the 2nd peak is larger than the first and it's followed by consecutive weaker Schwab Cycles. From that moment, the sun began it's long journey into a (predicted) deep hibernation cycle called a Super GSM.

The signs and symptoms were not immediately felt on our planet because the process is slow (relative to our perception). As we descend deeper into the Super GSM, we'll continue to see increasing news about strange weather. We'll also see 'unusual' political events around the planet as other nations prepare the the coming cold times. 

I'll divide the information into 2 weekly newsletters to help you filter the information and spread the word. "Weather Report Newsletter" and "GSM Geopolitical Newsletter." Please sign up below and you'll receive both subscriptions. Thank you. 

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Weather Report Newsletter

 As we descend deeper into this Super GSM, weather events will become increasingly bizarre. Weather patterns will shift. Grow zones will shift. 100+ year cold weather records will continue to be broken. We'll see wild swings in temperature (+-40 degrees in 1 day). We'll see a year's worth of rain in a week, a day, and even an hour. Storms will rapidly intensify. Frost will linger through Spring and eventually through Summer. We'll continue to see crop loss after crop loss as the sun's magnetic fields continue to separate. Seismic and volcanic activity will increase which further cools the planet 

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GSM Geopolitical Newsletter

If you have a thorough understanding of the Super GSM, then you're  aware that world leaders are also aware of the Monster on the Horizon.  Once you have the wide lens of a Super Grand Solar Minimum, many  political events around the planet come into focus and you're able to  connect the 'why'. 

001 - 11 Mar 2019  - Click HERE to view 


This presentation represents thousands of hours of research in an attempt to debunk my 'worst fear' scenario. Every action I've taken since realization of the coming Grand Solar Minimum must satisfy two timelines: One timeline where I grow old and eventually retire. And the other future is a cold, bleak, miserable future. It's my goal to help as many people as possible understand what's happening while simultaneously paying my bills and keeping the lights on. 

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