Readiness Deals

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ReadinesDeals has extended special pricing on preparedness supplies to our Super GSM community. 

For inquiries on pricing, fill up your shopping cart then please e-mail your list of items to

ReadinessDeals was created to provide quality products and service to customers seeking only the best emergency readiness solutions and pricing. All products are fully tested and vetted by our team, ensuring customers get only the very best. “Don’t Worry, Be Ready”

Product discounts range from 90% - 5% depending on size and type of order. 

K-9 Specialists


If you can only do one thing to protect your family, then buy a dog. If you're  going to buy a dog, then buy a highly trained family-friendly bite dog  from K-9 Specialists.

The owner / head trainer is a good friend of mine and a highly respected award winning trainer.

It's like flipping a  switch from goofy family-friendly dog to attack fur-missile. 

Tell Petr I sent you to receive a 10% discount on any dog or training aid.



All greenhouses are not created equal. iGrowOrganic provides rigid  solar greenhouses that are designed to provide the most amount of  protection possible from severe weather. 

Additionally, their glazing  materials provide protection against hail damage. As we descent into the  Super GSM, 4-season rigid greenhouses are essential for homestead food  production. 

Tell them I sent you to receive a 10% discount on any product. 

Volusia County Preppers


 Our focus is on both Preparedness and Awareness

Preparedness is about independence and self-sufficiency rather than obsessing over any specific scenario.

Awareness is about understanding potential threats to  our way of life and how to deal with those threats.

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Christian Westbrook IceAge Farmer


 Christian runs a website under the same name that is jammed full of current events showing the "signs and symptoms". If you know what to look for, the signs are everywhere.